There are a number of schools providing primary and secondary education in the Muscat area. Fees, school hours and curricula vary greatly. You are advised to contact the schools for further information. At times, spaces in schools can be very limited. We recommend that you contact the school(s) of choice promptly to ensure there is space for your child(ren).

Schools for expatriate children are listed in ‘the International schools directory’, available form the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) website:

The PDO School is located on the PDO Ras AL Hamra Camp and offers primary education for eligible children in the expatriate community.

For most of these schools a bus service operates from the PDO Camp to the school. The contact persons for the bus service to some of these International schools are:

 American British Academy (ABA). Tel: 24670486 (office), GSM: 98563192, Email:

 The British School of Muscat (BSM). Contact: Paul Sanders  Tel 91397250  Email: for bus schedule, safety, children's / bus driver's behaviour etc or contact bus contractor Babu on 99414814 for applications, payments and no shows on bus.

 The American International School Muscat (TAISM). Contact: TAISM on 24595180 for bus service information.

Below is an alphabetical list of some primary and secondary educational institutions operating in the Muscat area:




Contact Information


an IB World School

IB Primary Years

IB Middle Years

IB Diploma

IGCSE programme for Grade 9 and 10

Location – Al Khuwair Heights District (Sheikh Khalili Heights)

Tel: 24603646 / 24605287 / 24601076 / 24698713

Fax: 24603544

P.O.Box 372, P.C. 115


Registrar: Ann Smith

Azzan Bin Qais International School (ABQIS)

KG to Grade 12

Hybrid Curriculum, Omani MOE and UK components offering IGCSE and A Levels.

Location: Bouscher adjacent to Dolphin Village

Tel: 24210200

Jeremy Long 95069342 


Location: Seeb

Tel: 24535100

The British School - Muscat


3 to 18 British curriculum to GCSE/A’ level

Location – M.S.Q.

Tel: 24600842 Fax: 24601062

P.O Box: 1907, P.C. 112

Email: or

Ecole Française de Mascate (EFM)

3 to 18 years

French curriculum

Location – Bauscher

Tel: 24596600 Fax: 24502215

P.O Box: 1843, P.C. 130


Contact: Silvia Nicolas

Egyptian School

Kindergarten - Secondary

Location – Al Khuwair (near Mazoon College)

Tel: 24603930 / 24697047

Fax: 24698214

P.O. Box 116, P.C. 112


Gulf International School

KG1&2 and Year 1, 2, 3

British Curriculum IGCSE

Location: MSQ

Tel: 24698739 / 24698746 / 91143593

Building No. 2675, Way 1735


Indian School Al Ghubra

KG – Class 12

(CBSE Curriculum)

Location - Al Ghubra

Tel: 24491587 / 24491605

Fax: 24491424


Indian School Darsait


Primary to Higher Secondary School

(CBSE Curriculum)

Location - Darsait

Tel: 24786693/24783995

Fax: 24701158

P.O. Box 1551, PC 114


Indian School Seeb


Location: Seeb

Tel: 24451474


Indian School Muscat

3 to 18 years

(CBSE Curriculum)

Location – Ruwi

P.O. Box 2470, P.C. 112

Tel: 24702567 / 24707567 / 24799568

Fax: 24794919


International School of Choueifat –Muscat


KG to Grade 12

SABIS System

Location – As Seeb

Tel: 24534000 Fax: 24547300

P.O. Box 1104, P.C. 111


Muscat International School


2 to 18 years

KG to Grade 12

Expatriate and Omani programme. Primary Curriculum-based on English National Curriculum and Cambridge International Programme

Location – Al Qur’m

Tel: 24565550 / 24560953 Fax: 24560957

P.O. Box 1031 PC 112


Oman Private School

KG1 to Grade 5

Canadian Curriculum, infused with Islamic heritage

Location: MSQ

Tel: 24695474, 24693701, 96550832

Our Planet International School Muscat

KG1 to Grade 2

English & Arabic curriculum based on IB programme

Location: MSQ

Tel: 22005642, 97654312


Pakistan School Muscat

Nursery to grade 12

(4 to 18 years)

Location –Ruwi

P.O. Box 987, P.C.112

Tel: 24702489 Fax: 24709746


PDO Primary School

Kindergarten and primary education.

Dutch culture and language program available (NTC contact: Ms Ceciel van Rhee

Location: PDO Camp

Tel: 24677279 Fax: 24675427

HRP/4, P.O.Box 81, P.C. 100


Language One Muscat

Dutch Primary and Secondary Education (Dutch culture and language program)

Location: Operates within The British School

Tel: 24604937


Royal Flight School

Primary education from 4 to 11 years 

British Curriculum

Location: Seeb

Tel: 24516444 / 24516330


Sri Lankan School Muscat

KG to Grade 12

Location: Wadi Kabir

Tel: 24811005 / 24811006


The American International School of Muscat (TAISM)

4 - 18 years

U.S. Curriculum

Location: Ghala

Tel: 24595180

P.O. Box 584, P.C. 130


The Sultan's School

KG to Grade 12

Bi-lingual programme (English & Arabic)

IGCSE and IB Curriculum

Location: Al Hail South - Seeb

Tel: 24536777

PO Box 665, PC 121


Outpost Muscat

Office hours: Focal Point: Amanda Henson Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 8.15 to 11.15am (weekend is Friday-Saturday)
Languages: English, Dutch, Mandarin, Malay, French, Hindi, Arabic, German, Spanish
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