Pre-School and Childcare

Few pre-school/nursery facilities are available. Nurseries normally operate until noon. Please be advised that there are often waiting lists for schools and nurseries, hence it is worthwhile registering your child early.
Here are some pre-school educational institutions in alphabetical order Name Ages Contact Information

Al-Shumus Nursery
2 to 3½ years
Location:Mina Al – Fahal .
Tel: 24561871
P.O.Box 75, P.C. 116

Bright Beginnings Nursery
14 months to 4 years
Location: M.S.Q,
P. O. Box 3212 24699387
Way No. 1934 Villa No. 1908
Contact: Des Male

2 to 3 years
Location: PDO Camp near PDO School

The Karavaan (situated on the PDO camp) is run by PDO spouses with 2 classes undertaking 2 half days per week (Sunday and Tuesday) and 2 classes undertaking 3 half days per week (Saturday, Monday and Wednesday) an option of 5 half days is also available. All classes are international stream.
For those who want their children to forgo pre-school, household help is readily available and most expatriate families rely, in part, on the assistance of paid nannies that reside in the family home.

Little Fingers Nursery
18 months to 4 years
Location: Madinat al Alam
Tel: 97790288
Way 1574, House 5468
behind Al Julanda Mosque
Contact: Zainab Lawati

Little Flowers Nursery
6 months to 5 years
Location: Ruwi and Al Khuwair
Tel: 24489020 (A.K.) 24703317 (R.)
P. O. Box 655, P.C. 112

National Nursery Montessori
2 to 6 years (Toddler group and Kindergarten)
Location: Al Qurum Heights, Way 2414
Villa no.1045
Tel: 24560096 Fax: 24566507
Contact: Faye Ali Hassan



Sunshine Nursery

Villa No. 1165, Way No. 1518.

Madinat Al Ilam, Muscat

Phone:  +968  94453083/ 94452480

Director’s No: +968 95 812993


P.O. Box: 55, PC 134, Jawharat Al Shatti, – Sultanate of Oman

Sunshine Nursery’s office hours are:

Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Nursery Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 7:00 AM – 5 PM

Tender Buds Nursery
2 to 4 years
Location: Al Khuwair, Way 2472
Tel: 24691055
Contact Oneita
GSM 99352805

Oasis Kindergarten
3 to 6 years
Location: M.S.Q.
Tel: 24691348 / 99022129
P.O Box: 1058, Postal Code: 133
Contact : Christina Briffa

Teaching & Learning Communities (TLC)
18 months - end of primary
Location: Azaiba
PO Box 1992, PC 111
Tel: 99381458
Contact: Sally Vale


Outpost Muscat

Office hours: Focal Point: Amanda Henson Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 8.15 to 11.15am (weekend is Friday-Saturday)
Languages: English, Dutch, Mandarin, Malay, French, Hindi, Arabic, German, Spanish
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