PDO employees should contact the PDO Housing Department (contact details available on request) for information on the waiting lists for PDO accommodation and other specific enquiries.  However, our Inside Guide, our Key Document on Housing (which are both available on request) and the section below provides some general information on housing in Muscat.   When you are an employee of PDO you can access the Employee Policy Manual which includes a section on Housing:

Shell Development (SDO), Shell Marketing or Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) employees should check with their HR representative as to whether their intended transit house is furnished.

PDO Transit Accommodation

On arrival you are allocated transit accommodation and where possible this will be on the PDO camp close to the office, recreation centre and PDO school. Transit accommodation is normally a 2 bedroomed flat, adequately furnished for a short stay with furniture which includes a cooker, washing machine, fridge and television.  However, other electrical applicances are not supplied such as DVD/CD player, radio/alarm clock, microwave oven, food processor, or vacuum cleaner.

PDO 'Permanent' Accommodation 

The PDO Housing Department is responsible for allocating accommodation.  After arrival, please make sure your name is placed on the waiting list and your personal preferences will be taken into consideration where possible. PDO provides unfurnished permanent accommodation both on and off camp.

PDO houses are situated in Ras al-Hamra (RAH) (the PDO ‘camp’) which is some 3 km from Mina al-Fahal (MAF)  and is the main industrial and administrative centre of PDO. The houses on camp are either bungalows or two storey detached or semi-detached houses and all have three bedrooms (unless they have been extended), an open garage and a room for the domestic-help. They tend to be smaller than off camp houses but have the advantage of being close to the PDO offices and recreation facilities and may have lovely sea views.

Off camp houses are in several nearby residential areas, approximately 15- 20 minute drive away.

Ras al Hamra (RAH) Redevelopment Project

Information from the RAH Development Project:

Please be aware, ‘on-camp’ housing is currently undergoing redevelopment that will upgrade facilities and increase the number of residences available to PDO employees. It will be an exciting boost to the entire community. However, in the meantime, this means that there are less on-camp houses available to new arrivals. Also, please keep in mind that there is a phased construction plan, that requires eventual demolition of all on-camp houses over the next six years.

For details of the construction phases or any other information on the RAH Development Project, please contact the RAH Development Project – email:  If you are in Muscat you can find information on the PDO Ras al Hamra Recreation Club notice boards, at the Town Hall meetings organized for residents and Club members on a regular basis or on the PDO intranet site, on the UIR Homepage of the Infrastructure (UID) Directorate.

For pictures of the different houses, please click here to view our Gallery.


We appreciate that decisions on schooling are of paramount importance to the future of your children. We recommend that you read this section carefully and that you contact the PDO or Shell HR department to discuss your child(ren)’s educational options.  Your choice of school is your own decision based on your own personal preferences.

Shell employees are also advised to contact Shell Education Services 

This information is constantly changed and whilst every care has been taken to ensure that it is correct, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

Pre-School and Childcare

Please contact Outpost for a list of pre-school educational institutions. On the PDO Camp, 'The Karavaan' is run by PDO spouses for children age 2-3 years old.  There are also a number of local establishments offering pre-school education.

Primary/Secondary Education

There are a number of schools providing primary and secondary education in the Muscat area.  Fees, school hours and curricula vary greatly.  You are advised to contact the schools for further information.  At times, spaces in schools can be very limited.  We recommend that you contact the school(s) of choice as soon as possible.

Schools for expatriate children are listed in ‘the International schools directory’, available form the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) website:

The PDO School is located on the PDO Ras AL Hamra Camp and offers primary education for eligible children in the expatriate community.Http://

For some of the schools, a bus service operates from the PDO Camp to the school. Please contact Outpost for further details.

Please download our Inside Guide to have a complete view of the schools in Muscat.

Shopping in Muscat

In Muscat there are many modern supermarkets offering an ever-growing range of international and local products. Many of the imported processed items come from the UK, Holland, Spain, France, the US, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East. Imported fresh vegetables and fruit come from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the UAE among others. In recent years, Oman has started to produce mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli etc. All Indian food and spices are readily available.

The supermarkets also stock seasonal food such as turkey, mince pies etc. or allow you to order these items.

Supermarkets are generally open from 7.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday and some of the bigger ones even stay open 24 hours during the Holy month of Ramadhan. Most other shops, however, follow a split shift from 9.00 to 13.00 and 16.30 to 20.00 Monday to Thursday and 16.30 – 20.00 on Fridays.  Please be aware that during Ramadhan these times will vary.

There are two large souks (markets) in Muttrah, one selling a wide range of items (spices, clothing, silver and gold), and the other is a fruit, vegetables and fresh fish market.  In addition large fruit and vegetable markets can be found in Wadi Al Kabir (near Ruwi) and in Ghubrah.

There are also several large, airconditioned shopping malls in and around the city. The largest ones are Muscat City Centre in Seeb, Qurum City Centre in Qurum and Markaz Al Bahja in Seeb. A New huge mall is now at the soft opening stage Muscat Grand Mall in Al Khuwair. The Avenues also in Al Khuwair is now opening.

Most specialist shops are located in Ruwi (the business district) and this is the place to go for anything you may need which you cannot obtain in the the shopping centres. 

Outpost Muscat

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