Please contact Outpost with any questions you have about relocating to Oman.

General Information on Oman - The 'Inside Guide'

Please note that you can request a copy of our Inside Guide prior to your transfer.  This contains lots of useful information about relocation information and living in Oman. Please contact our office for a copy. 


You may want to consider packing the following in your airfreight shipment:

  • sports equipment
  • small kitchen appliances (with adapters if required)
  • vacuum cleaner
  • formal evening wear (there are several balls/formal events held each year in the Muscat area)
  • bedsheets, towels
  • If applicable, pack children's items such as car seats, toys, baby items etc.  For the car seats you may even want to consider bringing them on the plane, as the Company cannot provide you with one for any loan car.
  • other items that you may require wthin the first 1-2 months of your arrival.

Packing Tips

Pack all CD/DVD/Videos together in clearly identified boxes.  Also pack photo albums and books in clearly identified boxes.  On arrival in Oman these items may be taken away by the authorities for checking/censorship and returned to you at a later date.

Electrical Supply

The electrical system is British (220-240 Volt at 50 cycles AC) with 3 flat pin plugs.There is a good choice of electrical household items available in Oman.  However, please note that if you have items with 2 pin plugs or when you purchase items in Oman sometimes they are fitted with 2 pin plugs, you will need to purchase good quality adapters.  Adapters are available in Oman but please ensure you purchase good quality ones or bring some with you.


If you want to import pets into Oman please download our Key Document: Importing Pets into Oman or refer to our Inside Guide.


Please note that there are restrictions on the import of medicines intoOman.  If you are travelling toOmanwith prescription drugs you should carry a copy of the prescription and a letter from your doctor.  There are also restrictions on the import of some over-the-counter medicines as some of the ingredients may be on the list of banned substances.  You are therefore advised to check the list of banned medicines with the Ministry of Health inOmanor their representatives in the country from which you are travelling.

Banking - Base Country Account

We recommend that, if possible, you maintain your base-country bank accounts and keep credit cards active to ease your transfer and for use during holiday periods or emergencies.  See section 4.3 for details on banking facilities inOman.

Currency Exchange

The Sultanate has its own currency, the Rials Omani (RO), divided into 1,000 Baizas.

The Rial has been pegged to the Dollar since 25th January 1986. The Central Bank of Oman maintains buying and selling rates in the region of 1.00 OMR=2.60 USD (USD1 = RO. 0.38).  The Central Bank of Oman website:

Local newspapers publish the exchange rates of all major currencies daily. Currency exchange services are available all overMuscat, offering good service and reasonable exchange rates.

Insurance of Personal Effects

Company insurance will normally cover personal effects house-to-house for up to 30 days after arrival (during transit and whilst in storage). If you require an extension, you must arrange this through Human Resources Services (HRO/23).  The responsibility for initiating the extension of cover lies with the employee.

Please note that the cost of insurance of personal effects after this initial cover is for your personal account and must be arranged by you.  Many local insurance companies can provide this insurance cover.

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